Friday, December 09, 2005

What a rough, rough week.

Last weekend was the play, and I have to tell you, by Sunday I was wiped out -- completely nonfunctional. Fortunately nature had a plan for making sure I got rested -- SNOW! We got snow Sunday night, which meant no school Monday or Tuesday, and a late day on Wednesday. We actually went to school a full day on Thursday, and now today, Friday...again no school.

My job is so difficult sometimes -- that full day on Thursday was a real strain. Particularly since my kids were watching a movie; I watched the beginning of the Lion King 6 times. Swoon.


I'm off to nap now! Happy Weekend!


Joy Morykon said...

love that you came this weekend! i had so much fun with you!love you erin!!

Stephanie said...

AH, the joys of county teaching.....i long for such rest and peace. may the heavens be snowfully gracious to each of us this winter!!

Holli said...

I miss snow days! they are glorious. For some reason the snow just isn't the same when you know NOTHING stops because of it even though there is way more of it....enjoy. I hope your play went well! :)