Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ok, I know, I suck.

I confess...I'm a slacker blogger. I'm a slogger. I can't even use the "too busy" excuse, since I just had a 4 day weekend and spent a good portion of it um...sleeping. I haven't had anything to talk about really, my life is boring.

Tomorrow we start auditions for the spring play, The Diviners. Laura and I have so many fun ideas for what we can do with auditions, and lots of great ideas for working with the cast. I am super excited about starting something new -- too bad I am too tired to get to jumpy about it.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me...very little. I'll check back in later!


Kelly said...

Hey...you are breathing...that is great news! I was wondering when we would get a post from you. I am just as bad on weekends, especially long weekends about not blogging or even checking anyones blog. No problem...glad you are gearing up for the next play!

heather said...

you're alive! i'm excited for your new play - you'll have to keep me posted by updating your blog about it. i'm interested to hear the new stuff you're going to try with your kiddies. fun times! i always loved that part of directing...thinking up wacky things to make kids do to help with their characters, or just to loosen them up. :)

Candace said...

you said slogger - that's awesome

glad you got some rest but seriously...why have a blog if you're not going to post. I was waiting with baited breath and it took soooo long! why must you toy with me? ;)

Joy Morykon said...

nice to see you are blogging again.. missed you. i'm excited about your new play. I love Laura too, i'm glad you get to work with someone so great on your plays. see you soon.