Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lessons of the day

Once again, I sit here faced with the eternal conflict – I know I need to update the blog, but I can’t think of anything interesting to write about. So, I shall subject you, gentle reader, to more of my directionless babbling, and hope you don’t run away in too much fear.

I learned two important lessons yesterday – number one, that Kroger carries frozen edamame in their organic food section, a discovery which caused great rejoicing. I also discovered that the sushi from the Kroger deli is…ok. It is not what anyone would describe as fabulous, and I would not recommend it as a first sushi experience, but when you want sushi and don’t want to have to pay much for it, or go across town to get it, it will do.

I am in the midst of planning this year’s annual talent show at RHS. It is always fun, if a bit stressful, and it has been interesting doing this at the same time that I am working on a play. It seems to being going well so far, I have two nice full audition signup sheets hanging outside my door, although it appears that I may have a disparate number football players who are into tap dancing, and a couple who yodel. I have one kid signed up to strip. I have a feeling I might be making some cuts.

In a related story, L and I are going to be appearing in the talent show together in a less-than-serious performance – I am singing Hopelessly Devoted, and she is doing an interpretive dance, possibly directed at a life-size cutout of Johnny Depp. It should be…something – who knows what, but something.

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