Thursday, March 30, 2006

And the set goes on.

One of the most unexpectedly fun things I have learned about theatre is set design and construction. I never really considered myself a tool gal, and I am still not, but it's fun to at least watch the process, plus hanging out with the kids while we construct everything is a good time for all. The screwing on stage jokes do get a little old...that is, until I think of a funny one.


heather said...

screwing on stage! that's funny! sigh...i miss hanging out with high-schoolers. :)

Kelly said...

Screwing on the stage getting old...are you kidding me. That is like saying farts are not funny. That is classic juvenile humor and I whole heartedly support that!

Melody said...

And why was the "screwing onstage" not captured on film..I see "cutting up", "getting things in line", "no thanks I think I'll just watch", "If I hide down here no one will ask me to do anything" and "I know I measured right..why is this board too long?" Man..I was disapointed, but I guess blogger has a limit on things. I'm glad you are having when's the "doing it" part happening? (I meant the date of the play..¿duh?)