Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's a sick, sick obsession.

I love getting packages. LOVE. It is so exciting to get a box in the mail and open it up, even when you know what it is. One of the drawbacks of living in a weird little town is the paucity of shopping options, but fortunately we have the internet, and shopping online means lots of packages!
I got one of my favorite kind of packages today -- YARN! In less than a year I have transformed from never having held a pair if knitting needles into a total yarn whore. So, if I may share the excitement...

First, The yarn to make baby hats for my million pregnant friends. (Ok, it's not a million. It's just ten.) It is the most delicious worsted weight merino. If someone has a preference, claim your color now!

I ordered some Andean wool to make mayself another purse -- I love the one I already have, but I have a very short attention span, so I am already thinking ahead to the next one. the lightest color looks kind of gray in this picture, but it is really the loveliest delicate purple.
I also got some more yarn for the baby blanket I am making for Janelle and some for the purse I am making for Lauren (Carolina blue, of course), so it was a very full box. It was all so pretty mixed up together.

I suspect I may need a support group. Fibers anonymous, anyone?


Holli said...

I love the green yarn; that's a great shade. Are blankets similar to scarves? I can only make scarves but would love to expand my limited abilities. The last picture definitely screams "slightly obsessed!!!" :) have fun!

Joy Morykon said...

i love the fuchsia and the purple is pretty cool too! Not digging the yellow tho. but i doubt i had to tell you that! beautiful yarns.. i need to get me some knitpicks!
see ya at the pool..

katie n. said...

umm, erin, i have sheets in the exact same pattern as your comforter. (or are those sheets as well?) the yarn colors are lovely.