Saturday, July 08, 2006

OK, I know this is kind of sick.

I miss school. I realize this might just be passing insanity, and when the end of the school year rolled around I was REALLY ready for a break, but now that I have had one and I am all rested and stuff, I miss it. I miss seeing my drama kids every day, I miss having something definite to do and having a reason to get out of bed every day. I miss the constant mental challenge of trying to make things a little better than they were last year, or last month, or yesterday. I even miss all but about 5 of my students. I DON'T miss those five. I don't miss grading papers.
I have plenty to do this summer, but it is all drudgery stuff. No creativity or mental energy needed. I'm sure I will be happy when it is all done, and I am glad to have the time off to do it, I just don't love it like I love my job. I have to admire my friends that are stay at home moms, because I think I would go crazy after a few weeks. Anybody out there who loves to clean and organize and has a really mentally challenging job wanna switch lives for a few weeks?

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Joy Morykon said...

sounds like you need a cleaning break.. off to the pool with you..