Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Monday...

One of the last two until school starts again. Summer break is almost over, and while I hate to see break end, I am excited about getting started with school again too.
This weekend felt like it was about 5 days long, with is always good. On Saturday I got a call from my college roommate Lisa to have lunch since she was in town visiting, so I got to catch uo with her, and see her 2 adorable kiddos, and I got to see her husband and in-laws again. She is still the wonderful, sweet person I remember from college, and it was lots of fun to hang out with her again.
Last night was knitting at Amanda's house, and it was a small group, just Amanda and Gaylyn and I, but we stayed up until 1am talking and knitting. That's my favorite thing about summer -- spending lots of time with the people I love.

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Mast Family said...

hey i had a great time too! i can't wait to visit again. I love you girl!