Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last day.

Today, August 16,2006, is the last day of my twenties. As cliched as it might sound, I can never quite stop myself from reflecting on birthdays. I am excited about starting my thirties, and up until today I have not really experienced much 30-shock. But for some reason today I am weighted down by an odd sort of melancholy.
This time ten years ago I was about to start my third year of college. I had declared a major, and I had lost my new-student confusion but had not yet developed the Senior-year cynicism. I was exceedingly silly, and took myself very, very seriously. I had just started dying my hair blond, using far too much sun-in at camop the previous summer. I had made some very bad decisions the year before regarding a boy and dumping all of my friends for his friends (yes, I was that girl) and when suddenly the boy was gone, so were his friends. So I spent my 20th birthday alone in Lynchburg. I went to a dollar movie (Dragonheart) and then to Easter Island, where I bought myself a new puzzle ring. My friend Lisa gave me a little black-and-white box full of plain m&ms.I remember lots of self-pity.
A lot of things have happened since my 20th birthday. Some highlights:
-- I got a BS in Biology
-- I have held 10 different jobs: Sandwich artist(STOP! LAUGHING!), camp counselor, teaching assistant, temp, processing tech level 1, protech level 2, performance improvement analyst, trainer, science teacher, and now my favorite, One-act play director)
-- I earned a teaching license
-- I killed four cars
-- I learned how to knit, garden, and shop online
-- I made a bedroom into a closet
-- My grandfather passed away
-- I had a cancer scare
-- I Learned to love Macintosh
-- I joined the ipod revolution
-- I have been to 3 proms, 2 ring dances, 2 winter dances, and a homecoming dance
-- I have traveled more than the first 20 years of my life combined

I have changed a lot since I was that 20 year old sitting in a movie theater. I think I have kept the best parts of myself and weeded out a lot of the junk. The 30 year old Erin is a much more likeable person that 20 year old Erin.

Looking over the past 10 years is fun, but I am really excited about the next phase. Farewell twenties...bring on the thirties!


Kelly said...

Hey you old bag...welcome to the club. You will see from this day forward that you breath wiser air and people look up to you...well down to me because I am short...but up to me metaphorically. Nice reflective post. I have been at the OB all morning so you haven't gotten your phone call. You look great, you are indeed a great friend, and I look forward to sharing the next decade of our lives together. CHEERS!

Candace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!!! 30 looks good on ya babe ;)

Amanda said...

I'm really impressed that you remember your twentieth birthday so well. I have no clue what I did for my birthday 10 years ago. I really enjoyed your post. Happy Birthday! '76 was a great year!

Holli said...

I've been unable to surf the net for the last week (an unspeakable trajedy I know) So I'm a little late saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I hope this year is a blessing for you. It sounds like it's gearing up to be a great one!