Monday, August 28, 2006

On your marks, get set...

First day of school. For the past three years, I was pretty nervous about this day, and I never really got a good night's sleep the night before, wondering and worrying about the year to come. Oddly enough, this year the trepidation has been replaced with equal parts excitement and an odd sense of ennui, as if this school thing is No Big Deal.
Really, I guess it isn't -- this is my fourth year teaching, and all of the things that seemed so challenging to me 3 years ago aren't so challenging anymore. Sure, I still hate grading papers, and I am sure that I won't get things handed back as quickly as some of the more, um, prompt teachers *cough*analretentive*cough*, but for the most part, the planning and organizing and managing aspects of this job aren't so difficult anymore.
The thing that does have me pretty nervous is my first directing experience. I have picked a play, and ordered scripts, and I have my cast and crew chosen. So far there have been relatively few blips along the way, but, of course, we haven't actually started working on the play itself yet. I attempted to make up a production schedule on Friday and had a minor meltdown, so I haven't reallytried that again yet. I'm just not entirely sure where to start. I know where I finish though: October 28th is the competition, and so we perform, ready or not. I would prefer ready.

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