Saturday, September 09, 2006

The best kind of surprise

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I was going through some pictures today trying to clear some space on my hard drive, and when I found this one I realized I had always meant to blog about it but I never had.
This was taken on opening night of The Diviners, the play I helped direct last spring. I had been driving out of the school parking lot to go get pizza for the cast and crew when this woman in a green Hondapulled right in front of me. I was a little annoyed (ok, a lot annoyed) and was trying to figure out who on Earth it was, and I realized the annoying driver was my sister. She had driven all the way up from Greensboro to see my play -- she said she had read all my blog entries about it and that she wanted to see this thing that was so important to me.
We had lots of fun that night -- she met all my kiddos, it was very amusing to watch them stand at attention when they heard she was a school administrator, never mind that she's about 3 feet tall and looks about as intimidating as a newborn kitten. After the show we went back to my house and hung out a bit, and then on Saturday we went to breakfast and the J. Crew outlet. Good times.
The best part -- Lauren hates theatre. She came up just because she knew how important it was to me. It's always good to know someone cares that much.

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Kelly said...

What a great picture and I remember how excited you were that she came up to support you. Good memories.