Thursday, October 26, 2006

The scary and expensive

I have decided to get a master's degree. OK, so I have 73% decided to get one. The trick for mehas been to find a way to get a master's degree in a field that interests me while still being able to keep my job. I have been pretty discouraged since I started looking for a program, the options are pretty limited around here, and while I am an internet junkie, I am not really good at internet classes. I am about as auditory as they come, and I don't do well with online classes. Until recently, my only real option was an M.Ed. in science education from Lynchburg college, and it did not bode well that every time I even said the words "Master's of Education" I would nod off and the person I was talking to would have to get an air horn to wake me up. I like science, I like teaching it, but I don't care enough to get another degree in it. Plus, education classes? Can we say grody? So I had pretty much abandoned the idea of higher education and decided to work on an additional endorsement in theatre arts instead.
Then in a marvelous stroke of serendipity, I found an MA program at Central Washington University that is designed for teachers, with all the classes offered during the summer. I started to get a teensy bit excited. Could I really get an MA in theatre direction during the summers with no internet classes?
Now comes the hard part -- finding the money. Thanks to the internet, finding scholarships should be a little easier now than it was when I was in high school a million years ago, but it is still a weird world to re-enter. Not to mention I'll have to remember how to write something other than lesson plans and blog entries. Scary stuff.


Mast Family said...

I want a literary degree just for reading your blog. I feel smarter everytime i read it ;)

heather said...

You go girl!! I think this is a great idea. Being one who is traveling to take classes, I highly recommend it - esp. if it's something you're really passionate about - which you are. I'm 100% behind you on this. And if you really want it, you'll find the money to make it happen!!