Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's 1:00 am.

In the past 42 hours, I taught a full day of school, loaded a (rather sizeable and complex) set on a bus, took 10 teenagers to Pulaski, stayed with said teenagers in a hotel without anyone sneaking into the others' room, unloaded the set, competed in a theatre competition, watched five other plays, helped do hair and makeup for ring dance, loaded the set again, consoled some rather upset teenagers (we came in sixth) rode back to Rustburg, unloaded the set again, chaperoned ring dance, and then cleaned up after the dance. Oh, and I drove home.

I am very tired.

And I HATE that damn set.


Kelly said...

sorry erin, nothing like the ultimate let-down, not to mention having upset teenage hormones never helps. I hope you get some good rest over the holidays as you gear up for the next dramatic feat! Miss seeing you!

Joy Morykon said...

Wow you have been busy! I know it was disappointing to the kids but you guys worked so hard. i'm so proud of you. I mean 6th isn't that bad is it? what were there 100 competing?
love and miss you Erin!