Sunday, November 12, 2006

On being thirty hours old.

Dear Lucy,

About 9 months ago, I was sitting talking to your mom and felt something...odd. A tiny mental twinge, an inexplicable nudge in some part of my brain. Now I know it was you, blowing kisses.

Tonight I sat and marvelled at your toes for a full 15 minutes. Your little cheeks are like velvet, and you are beautiful even in big silly mittens. You amaze me.

Welcome to the world.

Love, Erin


Traci Sue said...

Oh man, you made me cry.

Congratulations. :D

Joy Morykon said...

Dear Erin,

Thanks for believing that i was real even when mom wasn't ready to accept it. You were my first friend, the first one who knew of me. Jesus told you about me.

I'm so glad you came to sing me a welcome into the world. It's nice to be here. I think i'm going to like it.
i love you. thanks for being my friend.

- Lucy Morykon

Holli said...

Okay, everyone needs to stop with all of this babiness, my eyes are constantly red and I think I'm getting dehydrated... :)

Melody said...

Erin...that is such a precious blog!! Thanks so much for being such a wonderful Auntie!
Lucy's Grandmother "Mimi"