Friday, November 03, 2006


I've decided to give everyone a break from the pseudo-intellectual contemplative crapola I have been writing of late and just give a basic update instead.

Bad news on the grad school front -- I don't have all the prereqs I need. The prereqs are basically the same thing I would need for an add-on endosement in Theatre arts, so I am back to trying to find undergrad classes offered at a time I can handle. So grad school is on pause for right now, hopefully not forever, but I won't be able to start as soon as I hoped.

There's nothing to update on my personal life, since I pretty much don't have one right now. The theatre thing is so time consuming, and I am pretty sure my friends have given up on seeing me again until summer break starts next year. Sorry y'all, I promise I still love you.

Mixed news on the play -- we had a scare yesterday with one of the cast members, and I frantically started rehearsing my understudy, since we have 2 weeks until our next competition. He is understudying all three of my male characters, and he had not really done much more than basic blocking. Fortunately he is also one of my student aids, so I can use the time I have him to let him study lines. As of right now it looks like my original cast member will be able to go to competition after all, but I am still going to prep my understudy for the part, to preserve my sanity if nothing else. Yesterday was very scary. If we make it to states (fingers crossed) I will probably have to play my understudy there. People should not be allowed to move in the middle of my play season!
We performed for the school on Wednesday night and it was pretty rough. It was not bad by any means, but it was defintely not the best performance we had ever done. I guess that's a good sign, the whole "bad rehearsal, good performance" thing, since Wednesday was basically a rehearsal with a forgiving audience. We got confirmation yesterday that we are going up Friday and staying overnight, and the kids are super excited. We already have a little Star Wars Trivial Pursuit grudge match action planned between Jake, Zach, and I. Yes, we are nerds. Stop acting surprised.


heather said...

thanks for the udpate. hopefully you won't have to use your understudy, but i imagine the freaking out that's happening right now. at least he's your student asst. and you can work with him during the day and supervise his line memorization.

i love overnight trips with theatre kids - that will be really fun!

Holli said...

I loved your phrase "intellectual crapola". I might have to start using that for myself...with your permission of course...

overnight trip with teenagers=no sleep but the promise of interesting stories!

Erin said...

Holli, consider the phrase yours for the taking.

Brittney said...

you fib, you fib big time. My zachy is going no where. lol. He just feels as though he might b/c he's used to things messing up... or maybe this was before everything got solved. I don't know, but he's staying. (if I have to tie him to a chair in my basement...) amen.