Sunday, January 07, 2007

100 things

The mission: List 100 things about yourself. No other criteria, you just have to come up with 100 things.

Here we go!

1. I love fast food
2. I love silly tv shows
3. I grew up in NC
4. I spent 6 years studying Catholicism but have not converted yet
5. I read the Chronicles of Narnia all the way through every year
6. I have over 1000 books
7. I am allergic to all animals with fur or feathers
8. I have never been below a size 14
9. I question my beliefs every single day
10. I majored in Biology because everything else bored me
11. I am too chicken to get a tattoo
12. I have a 2” scar on my face
13. I had cosmetic surgery when I was 15
14. I do not have a passport
15. I wear three miraculous medals
16. I read strangers’ blogs
17. I am obsessed with the song “Strawberry Fields Forever”
18. There is a specific moment in my past I would give anything to change
19. Sometimes I sleep with my ipod
20. I check my email 20 times a day
21. I go to movies by myself
22. I have no housekeeping skills
23. I love to sunbathe
24. I am more comfortable in the water than on land
25. I have a great realtor
26. I am inherently lazy
27. I only like snow when it gets me out of school
28. I am a pessimist
29. I have never kissed anyone
30. I am terrible with money
31. I still hope to sing for a living someday
32. I have recorded background vocals for other people’s CDs
33. I think fat people are beautiful
34. I want to learn to play the drums
35. If my mother knew how liberal I am she might disown me
36. I have issues with authority
37. I love formal dresses
38. I have very little self-confidence
39. I have compulsive hoarding disorder
40. I have never seen the Pacific ocean
41. I get airsick but not carsick
42. I bite my fingernails
43. I love to pop zits
44. I wear glasses
45. I never get enough sleep
46. I love my sister more than anyone else in my life
47. She and I have nothing in common except genetics
48. I love theatre
49. Most of my students like me
50. Some of my students love me
51. I am much better at lesson planning now than I was 3 years ago
52. I spent 3 years as a corporate trainer
53. I plan on hiring a housekeeper as soon as I can afford it
54. I don’t trust anyone
55. I don’t like holidays
56. I want to live in NYC someday
57. I hate owning a car
58. I love my Apple computer
59. I swear more than I should
60. I have never crossed an ocean
61. I don’t know if I want to get married.
62. I think James Marsters is hot.
63. I have considered moving away and not telling anyone.
64. I love fruity girly drinks.
65. A student once described me as a gay man trapped in a woman’s body
66. I think it is the best description of me I have ever heard
67. I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere
68. I love to argue
69. I get very little adult conversation
70. I have four pairs of Chuck Taylors and four pairs of Birkenstocks
71. I want more of both
72. I can never find batteries when I need them
73. I love to shop
74. I have really expensive taste
75. I live alone
76. I have no desire to have a pet
77. I am claustrophobic
78. I have a fear of falling
79. I don’t have a land line
80. I would die without the internet
81. I have flat feet
82. I love to dance
83. I love to nap
84. I am not very feminine
85. I love Ikea
86. I spent a summer of high school at boarding school and loved it.
87. I was really upset that I had to go back to regular high school.
88. I only applied to one college
89. I defied my father by going to college
90. I played powder puff football in high school
91. I wear black a lot
92. I love Seth Green
93. I love makeup but I rarely wear it
94. I dyed my hair blond for 10 years
95. I don’t like candles
96. I eat icing out of the container
97. I have pretty hands
98. I very rarely cook
99. I don’t eat enough vegetables
100. I have all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD

Now that I have done it, I am going to tap Joy, Heather, Amanda, and Lorna. Start making those lists girls!

Thanks Karin for the idea!


~*Sara*~ said...

I love this list! Thank you for posting it! :)

Sarah said...

I found your blog via Big Fat Blog, and I am really enjoying it!