Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yesterday I stood on the stage and watched the activity around me; the kids working on the set, cutting boards and piecing together a table for the Proctors' kitchen, the girls sitting on the edge of the stage in earnest conversation, one home from college and come to visit, the other in the last half of her senior year and facing an unknown future, the group who discovered the wonder of playing under the platforms and dancing to the music playing from the tiny speakers attached to my ipod. Sarah Brightman was singing What a Wonderful World, and I had a rare moment with no one calling my name asking for keys to the bathroom or if they could use my phone or where some random item should go.
I spend most of my life searching, wondering, and striving, after happiness, or satisfaction, or just feeling like I fit somewhere, and most of that effort is pretty fruitless. But in that tiny moment, I was struck by an idea that overwhelmed me, and I had to suppress the urge to weep. In that tiny moment, I was so happy I could barely contain it, and I realized that all the unhappiness and dissatisfaction in my life pales in comparison, and all the work, and lost time and sleep are worth it in light of those moments of magic on stage.

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