Thursday, March 08, 2007

We're walkin' on sunshine, wa-oh!

Disclaimer: this will be a really rambly post with lots of random disconnected junk. Prepare your brains.

Tuesday was the worst Crucible practice in the long and distinguished history of Crucible practices. It's not worth going into details of what went wrong, but once everyone left, I sat on the stage and cried and pondered whether I wanted to continue, and then went home and contemplated how bad school would be the next day if I had a hangover. I decided pretty bad, so those two hard lemonades stayed in the fridge. Yes, if I drank two hard lemonades in one night I would have a hangover the next day. Stop laughing.

Wednesday we had what is popularly known among my kids as a "Come to Jesus" meeting. I talked. they listened, or at least did a great job of acting like they were listening. I cried again. I used every scrap of skill in dramatic timing I have ever had. Apparently it worked, because Wednesday was the best rehearsal we have had so far. So good that in the last five minutes of practice, I played Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves on my tiny ipod speakers and we danced around on stage like crazy people. There is very little in the world as amusing as a bunch of drama nerds trying to dance. There is very little in the world as wonderful as being one of them.

I have not made much headway in unpacking, mostly because more and more, I don't want to. I like not having all that stuff, and I wish I could make a list of the stuff I really want (like my good shoes that I have not seen since moving day), make it magically appear, and then haul the rest of the stuff away. I know unpacking is a necessary evil, but for now it can wait until after the play is done, and maybe until after the prom. It's not going to hurt anyone for my stuff to stay in boxes for another month or two.

I miss my friends. One of my theatre kidssays that theatre buys souls, and he is right. Even though I love it, and no matter how all-consuming it may be I could never give it up, it is hard to sacrifice everything else. I read blogs and say hi in church, but it's not enough, and I miss them.

Twenty-fours more days until I can have my soul back, however temporary that may be.


Holli said...

guess where I'm going tomorrow??? That's right! Disneyworld for adults!! Just thought I'de tell the one person who loves that place as much as I do! I'll let you know what I come back with!

Erin said...

Yay! Have fun!

Kelly said...

WE miss you too!