Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I like this.

I am on spring break this week, and so far it is magnificent. Yesterday I got lots of rest, and today I cleaned and unpacked (14 boxes!), mowed grass, did laundry, had a friend over for lunch, and bought random house stuff like dish towels and adhesive hooks. Tomorrow I venture to Greensboro to visit my sister and her spawn, who is 4 weeks old and, according to pictures, has a promising future as a J Crew model.

I have discovered I like to mow. I have a reel mower, which most people have never heard of -- it is one of the kind you see in 50's sitcoms that you push and the pushing spins the blades. No gas, no exhaust, no noise, just the whirr of the blades and the smell of cut grass. I bought it a couple of years ago, but it never worked well at the old house -- too many sticks in the yard. Here it works like a dream. It should not surprise me that I like it, since I enjoy shoveling snow as well. I'm weird.


Holli said...

Look at you, being all domestic! That's great that you have one of those old fashioned lawn mowers...much better for the environment! Did I tell you that I am making another trip to the Burg in June with heather for a friend's wedding? I'de still love to see your new place and gleen some gardening knowledge from you!

Kelly said...

LOOK AT YOU....that is awesome Erin, you got a lot accomplished. The mowing thing...you are one of a kind...but Ryan is in your court, he really likes to mow too...but you got him beat with the old school mower.