Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pulling into the station.

You know that feeling at the end of a roller coaster when you pull into the little fake station, and as much as you would love to ride again, you are thankful for the breather? Even if you go get in line again immediately, at some point you have to get off and go home, or else you will never get the tangles out of your hair.

Last night was closing night of The Crucible, and I am sad to see it end. I will miss the kids so much, even though I will still see them at school it is not the same as spending 3 hours after school every day I will also miss the creativity, and the pressure, and the challenge.

I am excited about getting my life back, although I feel silly about it. I am looking forward to having clean clothes to wear, and picking paint colors, and exploring all the new flowers in my yard. Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to unpacking.

Plus, I have lots of scripts to read. Gotta get a jump on next year.


Candace said...

Erin, you should be so proud of yourself! The play was wonderful, and mainly b/c of all your hard work. Rest easy and sleep wellw - love you!

Kelly said...

That is awesome did it! And you have so much to be proud of. go back and read your feelings from the summer about how you felt you couldn't do it...but you did! So all the blood, sweat and tears has unveiled another wonderful dimension to your character. Look forward to seeing you around more.