Thursday, May 24, 2007

We like the night life...

I have a wonderful group of teachers that I meet with once a week. We go to Buffalo Wild Wings, eat boneless wings, and decompress. This week, everyone had other stuff they had to do, plus I had a small home issue involving a plumber, so we didn't get to go. Sad, but not too sad. Why?

This weekend I am having my first party in the new crib.

I still have a ton of stuff in boxes, and my house is a mess, but since most of them helped me move in the first place, I am pretty sure they can handle it. We have Monday off, so Sunday night everyone is coming over to hang out on my patio. I am so excited my head might just pop off.

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heather said...

there's a BW3s in the 'burg?? i also noticed when i was taking off in the plane on tuesday that there's a Ross AND an Old Navy. What's the deal? I leave and there's a big boom in the little 'burg? sheesh