Monday, June 04, 2007

5:30 Monday Morning

This has been the longest school year I can ever remember, including the second grade when I had that terrible woman who shall remain nameless. It feels like August was a million years ago, and I can't believe it has only been 8 months since I started working on Trifles, this year's competition one-act, and here I am planning for next year's plays. In the true spirit of theatre psychosis, I have taken on twice as many plays next year, but the drama teacher has agreed to do all my tech stuff (sets, costumes, etc), so all I have to worry about is casting, directing, and coordinating. No sweat.

Long or not, I will miss this year. In lots of ways, it has been my best so far. I have formed some great relationships with students and achieved things I never thought possible. It has been a hard year though, and part of me is very happy to see it draw to a close.

Today was my last 5:30 Monday until August, and thought there is a lot about this year I will miss, those...well, not so much.

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heather said...

erin - i love to hear your heart come through in your words. you have obviously found your true vocation, where the world's greatest need and your greatest passion coincide. i would have loved to have you as a director in high school. it means a lot that you care so much about your students - they can sense that. you've certainly made an impression on them that will last forever. and i wonder what's in store for you next year!