Thursday, June 28, 2007

Call it what you want...

...but I call it hate.

A woman in Austrailia has been denied the opportunity to adopt a child because she is too fat.

She and her husband are employed and stable. They have been married 13 years. They have been completely approved for the adoption process, except for one thing -- apparently the Austrailian govenrnment hates fat people.

Maybe hate is too harsh a word. I'm sure there's a fabulous reason why it is better for a child to rot in foster care than have a loving family, particularly when that denial of family is based on a BMI, a measure that has been shown to be flawed over, and over, and over, and over. Appearance is a perfectly legitimate reason for people to be denied the opportunity to have a child, I'm sure.

I know what let's do next. Since fat people clearly aren't fit to be parents, let's take away the kids of fat people. Even if the kids aren't fat, they might get the idea that fat people are decent, normal, loving people, and that would clearly undermine all that is good and holy in the world. And let's sterilize all the fat people. After all, even if they lose weight, chances are that they will gain the weight back, since 95% of people do within 5 years. We must protect the children.

Better yet, let's just take all the fat people out in a field and shoot them. They don't deserve to pollute the earth any more. They might offend someone with their secondhand fat.

Do I sound pissed off? Fucking right I'm pissed off. This woman could be me. She is a year younger than me, has the same disease I do, and weighs almost exactly the same thing I do. Oh, and she is free from heart disease or diabetes or any of the other illnesses that the media likes to associate with fat people, as am I. Thanks to PCOS, I will probably never be able to have children. And now, if this trend continues, I won't be allowed to adopt them.

Hate too strong a word? Nah, I think it is just right.

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