Monday, July 02, 2007

The lunacy, it is funny, no?

I was reading over at Shakesville (which is back up despite the hatahs, yay!) and followed a link in a Kate Harding post to this Obesity Risk Calculator. After answering all the questions, it told me that based on my lifestyle, I have a 0-20% chance of being overweight. I wonder how they would calculate the probability of me weighing in at almost 300 pounds. Since, y'know, fat is is all based on lifestyle.

Once I stopped laughing...I started laughing again, this time at all the people who are so brainwashed into the whole calories-in calories-out nonsense. All the people who say things like "the best exercise is pushing yourself back from the table", and all the people who judge us as somehow inferior because they are so convinced that we have no willpower or self-control.

If calories-in-calories-out worked, I would look like one of the kids from 90210.

Better laugh than cry, right?

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