Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm a big blockhead

As in, writer's block.

I have been pondering it for a while, and desperation has finally driven me to it.

I am writing a one-act play.

I've been trying most of the summer to pick a play for this year's competition, and I have not yet found anything I like. So, as I was mulling my failure as a play-finder in the shower earlier this week, an idea came to me, fully formed, and (hopefully) reasonably appealing and profound. Now I just have to get it on paper...or computer, as the case may be.

I'm nuts.

1 comment:

heather said...

Yeah! I'm so excited you're doing this. It's not crazy at all - it'll be a great project. Can't wait to read it (meaning: send me a copy!).