Thursday, August 16, 2007

No depth whatsoever.

I am turning 31 tomorrow - right now I should be writing a post reflecting on the past year, what i have learned, etc, etc, etc. I will, I promise. But not now.

tomorrow night everyone I know is coming over for a birthday party, and at the moment my house is a mess, the grass needs to be mowed, and I haven't made the cake yet. Yet here I sit, watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, and not stressing out about it. As long as the drinks get cold, everything else will fall into place, right?


Blair said...

My parents are supposed to be here at noon tomorrow and I have an assload of things to do before my party on Saturday. I decided to take this opportunity to have a rousing game of Yahoo Spades. Jason is furious at me. I keep asking him, "How long have you known me. HOW LONG?" I think I am incapable of doing things at anything but the VERY LAST MINUTE. Very last.

Mast Family said...

On another note... Erin I told you Sabra would win!!!