Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I really should be writing right now.

Well, I guess technically this is writing, but I should not be writing on a blog, I should be working on the play.

This is a problem.

It’s not done. It’s cast, but not finished. I suppose I could call it finished, in a sense; in the sense that all the scenes are written in some form, but, in another sense….

It’s not done.

Every time I read it, I find more stuff that needs to change. The problem is, I don’t really know what it needs to change into.

There is also the small problem of the utter terror that fills me every time I think about the play. I can’t stop wondering if I have made a huge mistake, that I am doing a tremendous disservice to the kids, and that I will get laughed out of the festival. I'm glad no one told me about the fear stage.

In the “stuff that rocks” column, the kids love the play, absolutely love it.

I guess maybe that matters more than the other stuff.


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Kelly said...

I can not imagine what you have written will be laughed off by anyone. Laughed AT for humor sake, definitely! I know it is going to be great.