Sunday, July 24, 2005

Renovations and Royalty

My house is weird. The bathroom is between the two bedrooms, so you have to go through a bedroom to get to the bathroom. It makes it interesting to have people come visit, since they have to go through a bedroom, so either the bedrooms have to be clean or I have to send guests to the Shell station up the street. It is amazing how cranky people get when you ask them to walk a block or two to go potty! The other annoying fact about my house -- whoever built it clearly owned next to nothing. I have 2 closets, one in each bedroom, each approximately the size of a breadbox. Actually, most breadboxes would be embarassed at the comparison. This house was certainly not designed for a fashion goddess such as myself.

Anyway.. at the moment both I and most of my clothes are sleeping in the smaller bedroom, since the bigger one is currently funtioning as the Obsessive Hoarder Memorial Random Crap Repository and Storage Facility (OHMRCRSF for short). My summer project, other than gratuitous floating in a pool and surfing the internet (have I mentioned I love being a teacher?) is revising the particular storage structure I am currently in actually having one, rather than chucking random stuff in the extra bedroom. I kind of figured I would just have a library/guest room eventually, lately I have been pondering a couple of facts, namely (1) In the past 3 years I have had exactly one overnight guest, and he slept in the attic (2) My clothes are threatening to take over the world. So I am thinking of maybe making the smaller bedroom into a huge-ass closet, AKA a "dressing room", which would hopefully help keep my clothes from world domination, and , as a bonus, make me feel like I have considerably more money than I actually do thanks to the princess-like-ness of having my own dressing room. Not to mention I might have some actual space in my bedroom without all the clothes.

Thank goodness for Ikea. I love me some Ikea. LOVE. I found so much stuff there to help accomplish my main goal, mainly building the perfect princess-esque dressing room on a not so princess budget. It won’t solve the potty problem, but, after all, who needs guests when you have fabulous clothes?

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