Monday, July 25, 2005

The Joy of vehicular ownership

This morning I went to hell-mart--- shocking, I know, but sometimes a girl needs deodorant and maybe some Ben and Jerry's. I was talking on my phone coming home (hands free, I PROMISE) so I wasn't really paying much attention to may car, until I pulled in the driveway and saw what can only be described as SMOKE coming out from under the hood. That particular sensation gives new meaning to I Don't Have a Good Feeling About This.

So now, here I sit carless (not careless) as the Good people at Goodyear (heh) do whatever it is they do with the innards of my poor car. Something about coolant. You'd think that I would be cool enough all alone, but no, apparently my car wants to be cool too. As long as the CD player still works though, all is well.

On the plus side, this morning's Dawson's Creek was the one where Joey and Dawson finally get it on. The Drama! The Angst! The over-amplified kissing noises! Plus, Jen describes herself as "generally a dour sort", which made me chuckle. Life is good again.

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