Friday, December 16, 2005

All hail the conquering hero

There is a certain amount of satisfaction is fighting mother nature and winning. Anyone who knows me can testify that I do not often battle nature; weeds in my yard? Let 'em grow. Hair wants to curl? Let it curl. But when it comes to snow and ice, something inside me wants to overcome it. Perhaps it has something to do with limiting my mobility -- even if I don't want to go anywhere, I at least want the option of going.

So now, after much rock salt and lots of scraping with a snow shovel that will never be the same again, the driveway is cleared of the quarter inch of solid ice coating its surface, and I am free to go to the mall. All is right with the world again, and now I and feeling all powerful and pioneer-y. Maybe next I'll build a log cabin.

Maybe not.


Candace said...

Yay Erin, way to be all domestic! Wanna come over and scrape our sidewalk? If not, you can atleast come and play the "Don't die trying to walk to the front door" game - it's fabulous (esp. while 8 months pregnant)!

Joy Morykon said...

lemme know when you're bulding your log cabin.. i'll come help. I miss you erin.. love you sweetie