Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snow day snow day!

Yet another snow day, and this time it is legitimate; everything outside is coated in ice, including my heat pump, which is a bit less than efficient in very cold weather -- thank goodness for electric blankets and sweatpants that may or may not have once been the property of the RHS drama department and which I may or may not have stolen after playing in the rain with the cast of the last play...but I digress. It's almost 6 pm and I have not done much of anything today, I did at least manage to take a shower and eat some leftover pizza, and now after reading Kelly's blog I am pondering making some pancakes, and maybe some hot chocolate with imported Italian adult enhancement. I certainly won't be driving anywhere tonight, given the winter-Olympics skating rink quality of the streets. This is by far the most inclement weather we have gotten before Christmas in a while -- it kind of makes me wonder what the rest of the winter will be like, and if we will be in school until July. No one becomes a teacher because of snow days (at least, I hope no one does) but man, is it a nice perk. Happy snow day, everyone!

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