Thursday, December 22, 2005


Have I ever mentioned that I truly, passionately hate to pack? Not only do I hate it, I suck at it. Maybe that's why I hate it. I always end up bring way too much stuff, or way too little stuff, or the right amount of the wrong stuff. I think it is an extention of my biggest fashion curse; no matter what the event, I am almost always under- or over-dressed, no matter how fabulous my outfit may be (and fabulous it is, have no doubt). No matter how many calls I make to other people attending the same function I am, I have a gift for wearing the wrong thing.
So here I am, half an hour before I am supposed to leave (oops, make that 20 minutes), and there is nothing in my suitcase except air. It would probably go a bit faster if I got off my arse and actually started, hunh?


Candace said...

Down with any sort of packing/wrapping/product organization!

I hate packing too. We should form a group.

Have fun with the fam - Merry Christmas!

heather said...

I hear ya, girlie! Once I actually leave my house for a trip, I think "Boy, I can't wait to find out what I forgot."

Nice blog - this is my first visit!

Enjoy your break!

Holli said...

My biggest beef with packing is that even though I spend forever agonizing over what to put in the stupid suitcase, when I get to my destination I don't want to wear ANY of it!

On that up lifting note:

Merry Christmas!

Joy Morykon said...

I always wait till the last minute to get it all in there. Sometimes i'll grab a suitcase a week before (cause i am soo excited about the trip, that just makes me feel that much closer to that moment of leaving) and i'll throw random stuff in there.
- camera (of course)
- some book i want who ever i'm visiting to read :)
- gift (probly?)
- other random stuff like my favorite underwear i just washed.. so i won't wear it till my trip.. fun :)
if my plane/car/train is leaving in the early morn i'm usually putting the last things in the bag b4 i step out the door.. hee hee

i love you.. enjoy greensboro.. come home soon. i know you will :)