Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Really big plans, really tiny execution.

I have a week and a half off for Christmas break...admittedly, part of that was spent in Greensboro doing the whole Christmas thing, but I got back last night, and had 4 days of break left, not counting the weekend, which doesn't count, since I am in a wedding, and we all know how time-consuming that is, and man, is this a long sentence. So with my 4 days of break I had big plans. Laundry, papers to grade, dishes to wash, papers to grade, and did I mention papers to grade?
It was a lovely thought.
What did I do today? I um, slept in, watched TV, and took a nap. I did manage to make myself some frozen spanikopita at least. I'm a slacker, and I love my slacker-ness.
One day down, 3 days left. Guess this won't be as productive a break as I thought. Then again, they never are.
Hey, at least the spanikopita was good.


Joy Morykon said...

um, what is spanikopita??? it doesn't really *sound* good.. but whatever you say..
give your self a break.. that is what you have now a "christmas break" Stuff will get done. just relax..

love you..

Erin said...

Spanikopita is spinach and feta cheese wrapped in phyllo dough and baked. It's magnificent -- I'll make you some sometime (and by "make" I mean "heat up in the toaster oven").