Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The verdict is in...

Even though this is my third year teaching, at this point I don't so much technically have, y'know, a teaching license. Pesky technicality. Fortunately the ever gracious Virginia Department of Education gave me a "provisional license" (a learner's permit, if you will) for three years in order to complete the requirements for a real license -- basically, teach for a year, take a bunch of classes, take a few tests, jump through some hoops, stand on my head, the normal stuff.
Early in November I took my last test, the Biology Praxis II (I'd give you a link, but trust me, you don't care enough to look..if you do, I'd suggest finding a hobby), and I was stressed out and pretty sure I wouldn't pass, I'd never pass, I was going to lose my job, live in a box forever, etc, etc. Even after I took the test I was not very confident about my chances.

Yesterday I got my scores back.

You ready?

Are you sure?

I passed! I get to stay employed! Aren't you proud?

I actually did much better than I anticipated. There was actual woo-hooing in my house yesterday when I got my scores, and trust me, I am not generally a woo-hooer.

So I am all done, and I can get a real license! Now I'm off to work on a theatre arts endorsement.

After I'm done doing another dance of joy, that is.


Joy Morykon said...

I am soo a woo-hooer.. and WOO HOO for you!!

Candace said...



Kate said...

Congrats Erin!!!

heather said...

WOO HOO!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I just signed up to take those tests up in Michigan, and I know all those emotions you're feeling! I'm so proud of you (although of course I didn't doubt you for a second!).

You go on your theatre arts endorsement! I wish I could give you mine - it's useless up in Michigan...bummer!

Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

SO STINKING PROUD OF YOU ERIN. Maybe it was my prayers??? You know the Bible says the prayers of a righteous man availith never know...I AM KIDDING. You passed cuz you are stinking smart!

Perpetually Sarah said...

Yeah for you Erin! Congrats. That's so awesome.