Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's a plague.

The time has come to ask a very important question.

What is up with all the procreating?

I know, sex is fun and all, but the consequences, specifically babies, are getting out of hand. Almost all of my friends are either pregnant, just finished being pregnant, or are "trying" to get pregnant (ew!). In the past few years I have been involved in a slew of weddings, so I guess the slew of babies kind of follows, but this is just a little crazy. It is in the forefront of my mind, since the newest one is about 18 hours old as I type. I have not seen him yet, but I heard him on the phone, and he cries cute.
I like babies, but I don't particularly want one of my own. They are mostly loud, smelly, and demanding. I am far, far too self-absorbed to deal with that, not to mention a label whore such as myself would never be able to make the necessary feduciary sacrifices. It is also hard to get spit-up out of my Seven jeans.
Which beings me to the thing I have not been allowed to blog about since I found out in June -- my sister is having a baby! I am actually pretty excited about being an aunt -- someone else's kid I can hype up and take home, and my sister can't exactly get rid of me. Muahahahahaha! I will just have to remember not to wear anything dry-clean only when I go visit.
I am going to a family thing in a few weeks, and I know they are all really excited about my sister being pregant. A word of warning though -- the first person who asks me "so when is it your turn?!?" gets kicked in the neck. Note to self -- practice high kicks.

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Mast Family said...

I'd like to add to your pain dearest Erin. We are expecting number 3!!!