Sunday, October 29, 2006

The unexpected.

Fifty-one weeks ago I attended my first one-act play competition. I went on a whim, expecting to watch my school perform and then go home. I ended up staying all day, entranced by the magical world I had discovered. It was that day my life turned an unexpected corner, and a love of theatre that had long lay dormant began its fruition.

Five months ago I found out that the drama teacher at my school was not coming back, and this year's drama program was in question. I started examining the possibility of directing the competition one act this year.

Four months ago I read a play by Susan Glaspell called Trifles, and it struck a chord in me. I wanted to see if I could bring it to life.

Nine weeks ago I asked five talented students to be in my cast and dedicate their time this fall to preparing for competition.

Ten days ago I sat on the stage in tears, convinced that I had made a terrible mistake, I could never direct a show, and that it had all been a giant waste.

Thirty hours ago I loaded up a set, a cast, and a crew in a caravan of vehicles to go to Staunton River High School for the 2006 Seminole district one-act festival.

And then, twenty hours ago, in an auditorium crowded with impatient drama geek teenagers, I heard a VHSL official say

Best actor award, Mrs. Peters from Trifles, Rhiannon T.

Best actor award, Mrs. Hale from Trifles, Georgia F.

Seminole district second place winner, Trifles, Rustburg High School.

Drama geeks of Virginia Region III, hold on to your costumes. For the first time in its history, Rustburg is coming!


Joy Morykon said...

i am sooo excited for you Erin! Congratulations! all your hard work paid off! You are awesome!!!!!

Stephanie said...

oh, erin! that is such wonderful news! congrats to you and your cast!!!

heather said...

OMG!!! Erin - this is AWESOME!!! congratulations! I'm so proud of you!!!! WOO HOO1!!!

Kelly said...

You deserve it! That is so exciting. Can't wait to hear how regionals go! Go Trifles....