Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The might-have-been

Yesterday I got a text message that read "Happy Halloween". Arguably not the stuff that usually shakes lives, but it left me sitting in my driveway for a few moments, unable to go inside, and this morning I am still reeling just a bit. I was wished Happy Halloween at least a dozen times yesterday, by students dressed in a myriad of unusual outfits, and none of those so much as registered as significant in my mind. But that little message on my phone triggered a flood of memories, some wonderful and some not so much, and there I sat, pondering the what-ifs of the distant past: what would my life have been like, I wonder, if in that crucial moment I had said yes instead?

1 comment:

heather said...

wow. this made me stop and think some 'what ifs.'

i love the way you wrote this post - it really drew me into your story... makes me want to hear 'the rest of the story.' :)