Thursday, December 21, 2006

Doublewides are a scourge against humanity.

I have decided to call off the house search until January, at least. The market is drier than a freshman's throat when he is giving an oral presentation for the first time. Basically the only things in my price range are "fixer-uppers" and (dun dun dun!) doublewides.

I know I am a snob, but I don't want to invest in something that is not going to appreciate, and doublewides really don't, plus I have had allergic reactions to them before. I definitely don't want to buy a house I am allergic to.

I looked at a really cute little house today, and it was a great location, but it was a bit too fixer-upper for me -- as in, it had no floors. I need floors. I should put that on the list.


heather said...

all good points, erin. all good points.

Candace said...

you're not a snob, you're being practical. I wouldn't buy a doublewide either. for many reasons...but all valid.

I hope January brings you more luck.

Holli said...

That is a total snob thing to say and you have every right! I'll admit to being a snob if it means I will never live in a double wide.... :)

I'm sure the market will pick up. It's usually pretty quiet in the winter anyway, but you can also get a really good deal in the winter, so keep lookin, you'll find something-and don't settle-definitely add floors to the list.

dara said...

Despite having been in some really nice doublewides I'd never buy one myself, so I understand that. I hope things pick up after the first of the year. Floors are pretty darn important to me, too!