Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hooray for break!

Yesterday was the last day of school until January 2. Almost two full weeks in which I never have to wake up before 6 am, never once have to try hard to remember that I am supposed to be showing love to some recalcitrant kid, and never grade a single paper.

Of course, I also don't get to be hugged by happy drama kids (for anyone wondering, they mostly got over being mad at me. There are a few who still are, but what can you do?), pick with Ben in the hallway, or answer random questions during a lecture.

I'm ok with the trade, but I am glad it's only 2 weeks.

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heather said...

ah - Christmas break! congrats for making it to this point in the semester. I always loved this time because I knew that the second half of the year would just get easier. I loved coming back from the break to the familiarity of my classes and students and the rhythm that was already established. enjoy the time off!!