Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So um...

Part two of yesterday's post is going to have to wait.

Last night I put an offer on a house. This house.

I had a whole system going for the house hunting process. There was a clipboard, and a carefully constucted 43 item checklist, and a rating system that included such descriptive terms as "good", "excellent", "poor", "meh", and the always useful "not fab". Every house I went in underwent this rigorous screening process, and afterward I and my pink pen would ruthlessly score each house to determine which, if any, was the right one for me.

Last night I looked at three places. The first one was terrible. The second was ok, but only if I wanted to live next to a crack dealer. By the time we started driving to the third, I was feeling pretty discouraged, and with every mile of 460 that passed, I was more certain that I would never, ever find anything I liked. The clipboard had already had a rough night.

We pulled in, and I was intrigued. Cute little neighborhood, like something out of a 1953 Christmas movie. Swingset and toys in the yard, and spray-on snow in the front window obscuring the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree inside.

I walked in, and all 43 checkpoints suddenly became irrelevant. The list stayed blank. I was too busy finding my way home.


Mast Family said...

I can't wait to hear if you get it! Great find! I'm praying for you!

heather said...

any word on the house?? this is MOST excellent!! (I tried to post yesterday and got denied, so i switched to beta today and it's all good.)

i love the house - it looks like a perfect fit for you!! i'm watching the flickr right now...

it's funny how you can look and look and then you just walk in one and go 'this is it.'

Holli said...

update, update!! This is wonderful! The kitchen looks like its practically brand new! Alex and I felt the same way about our house. When we walked in we just felt immediately at home. Congratulations!