Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I think? Who knew?

So, apparently I am one of those people who only blogs once a week. I would like to say that now since school is winding down, I have more time, blah blah blah I’ll blog more, but really – probably not.

In the spirit of playing catch-up, a few weeks ago (ok, like, a month ago), Candace tagged me with a Thinking Blogger Award. Cynical me knows she should be all cool and nonchalant, but non-cynical me is going Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! and jumping up and down at the thought of such a gesture. Non- cynical me is a big dork.

Per the rules, I shall now tag five blogs that make me think. Most of these people probably don’t know I am alive, but I’ll tag away anyway…

  1. Blessed Among Men: Suzanne is an amazing writer, and I have been blessed (no pun intended) to have the opportunity to spend 2 Thanksgivings with her and her family, since she is married to my best friend’s brother. Even though we come from very different religious traditions, I admire her faith and devotion, and reading her thoughts often helps me put my own life into perspective. I struggle so much with belief, it is wonderful to see an intellectual who is so solid in hers.

  1. One More Last Word: Another real-life friend, another amazing writer. Heather was a mentor of sorts when I first started doing theatre, and is another intellectual whose faith I envy. She is always so open with her thoughts, and is always a delight to be around. I miss her tremendously since she has moved to the great white north.

  1. Junk Food Science: Everyone should read this blog. Sandy Szwarc does a fantastic job of debunking much of the pseudo-science about food and health we are fed by the media every day, and teaches people how to be critical of what they read and hear. She also reports on many stories and studies that never make it to the mainstream media because they do not fit the current political atmosphere, or they contradict what the media wants us to think. She is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to know the truth about food, fat, and health, instead of all the propaganda.

  1. My True Self: This blog is the story of a woman’s journey of healing after suffering abuse. She explores so many ideas about the history and role of women in the church and feminism, and there have been many, many times when I have read something and realized that it was exactly what I have been thinking and unable to say. Her Women In Christianity video is one of the more thought- provoking things I have seen in ages. I appreciate the way she refuses to reject Christianity outright, like many feminists and abuse victims do, and instead is trying to work to change things from within.

  1. The Rotund: I wrestled with what should be number 5 on my list – there are so many brilliant blogs out there that make me think. But yesterday I read an entry on The Rotund called Palatable Fat, and it genuinely made me think, so I had to include it in my list. The Rotund describes itself as “A Body Acceptance and Politics blog”, and since I am on a bit of a body acceptance crusade of late (more on that later), I find the writing on this blog fascinating. My favorite quote from yesterday’s piece:

Part of my political statement, part of the statement my body makes every time it is viewed, is that I am palatable no matter what. I don’t have to present it in a special way to make it okay. There are no special conditions under which it must be viewed for it to be okay. There are no preparations I must make in order to be worthy of being seen and treated like an actual human being.

There they are – my top five thinking blogs. I realized while writing this list that my tastes are pretty eclectic, and when you look at my list of links that becomes even more apparent – I probably could have made a much longer list, and if I added the blogs that make me laugh, it would be even longer. How did people survive before the internet?


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the link!!



Suzanne Temple said...

Thank you erin, for thinking of me. I am truly honored that you tagged me for this.

The Rotund said...

Thank you so much. I found this in my referral logs and, wow, I am so smiley right now! I am really, really happy that you are reading.

And now I have to think about my picks for this Thinking Blogs thing....