Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mind dribble

Dang, I love Whose Line Is It Anyway. Hilarious, plus it gives me lots of ideas for auditions.

Speaking of which, my production season is officially OVER (cue angels singing). My last production was a talent show last Monday night, and it went swimmingly except for the part when the MC misread the first prize winner's name and gave it to the wrong person. Only three tie-up-loose-endy things remain: The Crucible cast has to sign the cast picture, if it ever arrives, I need to have a meeting about casting for my fall competition piece and one about course requirements to do student-directed one acts, but those should be easy enough. I thought about casting the play this spring, but that would require me to have a play picked out, and I don't. I have 23 scripts to read this summer. Not all of them are for competition though -- I have a few Neil Simon comedies to consider for December, plus I will have to help student directors pick plays next spring, so I thought I would familiarize myself with some while I have a bit of spare time this summer. Just one more of the unique challenges that come along with this whole directing-with-no-theatre-degree gig. The good news -- the drama teacher has agreed to do ALL my tech next year, so I don't have to worry about building sets, costumes, etc. I have no tech skills. If it were up to me everything would be on a blank stage with actors in all black. I love me some performance art, but I am not sure Rustburg is quite ready for my brand of abstract theatre.

I am almost finished planting for the summer too -- I have 2 pepper plants and some lettuce left to plant, and them I am all done, I think. I managed it all with the pots I moved from the old house, I only have to buy one more long planter, and I have some tomatoes in a Babylon bag. I am a bit scared for them though, the thing already fell once. That's why I put some in pots too. My patio looks like a crazy plant lady lives here, which is pretty accurate.
Speaking of plants -- I have irises! I saw a few the other day, and then when I walked around my house I saw a gazillion in one of the side beds. I can't wait for the roses to start blooming. I have teeny blueberries on the teeny blueberry bush, and I think I am going to plant a cherry tree up where my pine fell in February. Old McErin has a farm apparently, right in the middle of the 'burg.

We have 23 school days left, which is just unreal. I am super close to lots of kids graduating this year, and I am going to cry like a little girl at graduation. My drama program is really going to suffer next year after all the kids we are losing. I am excited about summer though -- maybe I will actually get unpacked. And maybe rested.

I promise pictures of the flowers and baby plants are forthcoming, I have to mow first, the grass is up to my eyeballs right now, and I would hate for the flash to scare the bugs.

I bet Faulkner, with all his stream-of-consciousness yumminess, would have loved blogs.

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heather said...

I would read Faulkner's blog.

And I love me some Neil Simon. He wins the award for Most Creative Uses of the "F" Word.