Monday, May 07, 2007

The woes of single-girldom

I love my life. I know some may find it hard to believe, but I like being single, and I am not one whit interested in the whole dating/marriage/babies carousel. I manage to live a pretty happy life man-free, and there isn't much I can't do on my own.

That said, there are times when being single really sucks.

Example 1 -- The valve to my one of my outside faucets has been turned off in my crawlspace. I am claustrophobic, and just the thought of going down there makes me nearly lose my senses. I am at sort of a loss though, as to what to do. It's a little awkward to call a friend and say "hey, can you crawl under my house and turn my water on?", but I hate to pay someone just to turn a handle. See the problem?

Example 2 -- My grass is up to my armpits. I have a reel mower, but it is too tall for the mower to handle at the moment. I have a power mower that conveyed with my house, but I am scared of it. I have offered to pay students to do it, but it has not actually happened yet. It would be nice to have a masculine type around whom I could coerce to mow it.

Example 3 -- My TV has finally given up the ghost. The speakers have gone from bad to worse to pitiful to gone. So, I am buying a new TV. I know which one, I know how much...

but I have no idea how I am going to get it from my retailer of choice to my house. It won't fit in the Teeny Tercel, and even if it did, there is no way I can get a 60-some pound TV from my car into my house by myself.

I should look into getting a houseboy.

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Kelly said...

I have a houseboy you can borrow who worked at Best Buy for 5 years in the TV dept....he can give advice and lift. Feel free to call!ww